Vitamin C Rich Healthy Food For You

Did you know that Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin and that you cannot store it in your body? Guess what, this means that the only means of getting sufficient vitamin C is through your diet every single day!

So what does vitamin C do? Here’s what it does:
Your body requires vitamin c to produce collagen. This is a protein that supports your tendons and blood vessels. It also helps keep your skin and organs together. In addition, it is vitamin c that helps absorption of iron from the food you eat and strengthen your immune system. This in turn helps your body to protect you against various diseases.

The benefits of Vitamin C are numerous. It stops your gums from bleeding, from being lethargic and relieves your from bone and joint aches. Vitamin C helps prevent heart disease by stopping the free radicals from damaging your artery walls. This miracle vitamin is also known for its ability to help lose weight and maintain an ideal weight.

The other benefit of adding vitamin C to your diet is that it helps in lowering the levels of lead in your blood. Stunted growth, lowered IQ and other disabilities in children is the result of lead toxicity. In adults too, lead toxicity can cause kidney damage and high blood pressure.

Fruits such as kiwi, raspberry and papaya are foods high in vitamin C and research proves that they contain more vitamin C than oranges! Especially papaya and raspberry contain a great combination of cancer fighting vitamins and minerals.
Vitamin C is also an effective antihistamine and therefore excellent for reducing the severity of common cold, body aches and runny nose.

So, if you are hurt and want the wound to heal quickly, pop a vitamin C pill. It helps your wound heal really fast.
Vitamin C deficiency can lead to rough, dry and scaly skin, splitting hair, poor immune system and gingivitis.

Low vitamin C levels may also result in high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, plaque build-up in the heart, followed by heart attack or stroke.

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Source: Vitamin C Rich Healthy Food For You

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