Vitamin C & Cigarette Smoking

Vitamin C & Cigarette Smoking.
People who smoke cigarettes will use up to 25 mg of vitamin C in their body per cigarette. The official RDA for vitamin C is 60 mg, so theoretically only 3 cigarettes can use up more than the daily allowance of vitamin C. The medical community is debating whether to up the recommended daily dosage of vitamin C to 120 mg per day. Also many doctors will recommend that smokers take extra vitamin C beyond the normally recommended 60 mg per day. From my personal research on the subject of the benefits of vitamin C, I have learned that mega dosing vitamin C can potentially be very beneficial in detoxifying the body, fighting the effects of free radicals, repairing tissue and fighting disease. It would seem that mage dosing vitamin C would be a smart strategy for those that choose to smoke or can not stop smoking, as mega vitamin C may protect the body somewhat from the harmful toxic cigarette smoke. Mega dosing vitamin C may also be useful to those that are constantly exposed to secondary smoke also. Dr Linus Pauling may be the most famous name in research on the benefits of mega dosing vitamin C but others have come before and after Linus Pauling. Actually their are some medical doctors that make recommendation for even higher doses of vitamin C than Linus Pauling recommended.

Source: Vitamin C & Cigarette Smoking

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