Vitamin C and E Helps You Live Longer

Whether Bodybuilding, Longevity or overall Health and Wellness is Your Goal, You Can Not Underestimate the Benefits of Vitamin C and Vitamin E!

Although many question their overall benefits and use, Vitamin C and E have been proven effective in University studies to help increase the
longevity of those who use them regularly. In fact, studies out of UCLA and other major Universities continue to prove their effectiveness in
supporting heart health and overall wellness and longevity. Although the goverment and the FDA have continually tried to discredite their effectiveness as
an aid to wellness and longevity, it has been without merit! Natural Cures that work sometimes leave the highly powered pharmaceutical companies which
lobby heavily to maintain their position as “Authority” on subjects of health, disease prevention and cures. In fact though many realize that the long term
effects of supplementing with Vitamin C and Natural Vitamin E have proven time and time again to prevent artherosclerosis and other heart related disease.
There is no doubt in the effectiveness of these natural vitamins abilities to increase long term longevity. Now, the goverment has funded their own studies and although
they were done without proper dosaging or proper “Natural Vitamin” formulas, the lent credence to the results that they established with the statement that they show
no significant health improvements. Interstingly enough, they do admit in higher dosages, which is what the original UCLA studies used, they do help increase life span
in most persons. In this Video, BodyDesigner Aaron Garza, gives you insight into the study and helps you decipher truth from fiction. Use this as a guide to make an informed
and educated decision about how you can continue with improved health and wellness.

Source: Vitamin C and E Helps You Live Longer

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