SkinME – Minimize Scars & Wrinkles with DIY Vitamin C Serum

***LIKE & READ ME! SkinME episode every Tuesday! This week is how to make vitamin C serum that have many benefits and have scientific data that to reverse signs of aging. Vitamin C active form, L-ascorbic acid, is the only antioxidant that stimulates the synthesis of collagen to help minimize fine lines, wrinkles, and scars. Also, this serum can be use to lighten hyperpigmentation naturally.

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Making your own will save money because many products on the market are extremely expensive because vitamin C is unstable and little amount of ascorbic acid. Stay away from products that in clear containers that destroy the effectiveness and the serum/lotion/cream that are tinted because you cannot tell if your skin care product was oxidized. However, vitamin C does not work on everyone but newer vitamin C derivatives still have anti-aging benefits. Always perform a batch test because vitamin C can be irritating to the skin.

***Apply the serum over the face and gently pat around the eyes but makes sure to do a patch test on the wrist to see you the serum stings/irritating. If so then use less vitamin C powder to mix weekly.

Recipe to make a weekly vitamin C serum that is more stable and less expensive:
-~$5 L-Ascorbic Acid Powder 1/4 tsp (Store in a cool and dry place. Do not store this in the bathroom cabinet because the moisture from taking showers can ruin the powder.) or
-~$5 Glycerin 1 tsp but you can adjust this amount if it’s too sticky for your skin or can use personal lubricant (KY Jelly) or Monistat Chafing Relief Gel
-*** This is optional because some people can break-out. I have acne prone skin and the vitamin E helps increase sunscreen efficacy with no break-outs. ~$6 Vitamin E Oil 2-5 drops or pierce a capsule to squeeze the vitamin E oil out
-~$3 Distilled Water 1 tsp at any drugstore like Rite Aid or CVS
– Measuring spoon
– Stirring spoon
– Cup
– Sealable non-clear container or amber/blue glass bottle. You can ask your local pharmacy for a empty medicine bottle they use to dispense liquid medicine. I’m sure they will provide it for free.

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FTC: This is not a sponsored nor compensated by companies for this video. I purchased all the items for personal skin care use.

Source: SkinME – Minimize Scars & Wrinkles with DIY Vitamin C Serum

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