AlchePharma PureWay C Analysis

• Contains vitamin C bound to lipid metabolites.
• This form is able to enhance the absorption and utilization of vitamin C.*
• Added calcium to create non-acidic, “GI friendly” delivery system.
• Synergistic benefits of citrus bioflavonoid complex.
• Available in 500 mg tablets and vegetarian capsules as well as 1000 mg tablets.

• PureWay-C® allows vitamin C to more efficiently pass through the cell membrane, be retained and utilized by individual cells for all vitamin C related functions.*
• Numerous studies show the benefits of Pureway-C® over other forms of vitamin C, including calcium ascorbate and ascorbic acid in regards to:
– 2 hour cellular uptake higher with Pureway-C®.*
– cellular uptake and retention over a 24 hr time period higher with
• Due to better absorption and retention, studies demonstrate vitamin C functions are enhanced including:
– support of wound healing activities*
– immune system support*
– promoting healthy levels of c-reactive protein (marker of
inflammation) and oxidized LDL (risk factor for heart disease)*
– antioxidant activity*
• Comparative studies using PureWay-C® show significantly greater antioxidant activity over other forms of vitamin C.
• Citrus bioflavonoids help enhance the biological benefits of vitamin C.*

Source: AlchePharma PureWay C Analysis

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