15 Grams Liposomal Vitamin C for Me

15 Grams Liposomal Vitamin C for Me
It has been alleged, perhaps even proven, that vitamin C supplementation beyond the normal recommended daily allowance (RDA) can be vastly supportive of overall good health and longevity. Most species in the animal kingdom will produce their own vitamin C in their bodies as an essential hormone. This is true of cats, dogs, mice and most species and without the internal production of vitamin C, all these species of animals would have greatly shortened life spans. Humans only have 3 of the 4 essential enzymes to produce vitamin C in the body internally. Sometime in the past humans have switched off the gene for gulonolactone oxidase (GLO) enzyme and thus has greatly shorten the normal lifespan of humans. It may be that the Bible, that some say embellishes facts, may be historically dead on accurate when the recorded lifespan of Noah was 950 years. Descendents after Noah, had decreased life spans with succeeding generations. Shem lived to 600 years, then Arphaxad lived to 438 and the generations later to Abraham who lived to 175 years. On to the time of Moses who lived to 120 years. This would correlate to the slow mutation and switching off of the gulonolactone oxidase (GLO) gene. Actually a small percentage of humans can still manufacture a small amount of vitamin C in the body. This further indicates that this may likely have been a normal human capability many centuries ago, as it exists presently in most of the animal kingdom. Currently humans still have the GLO gene but it is non-functioning. Scientists have estimated that with the switching back on of the GLO gene human may again live to be hundreds of years old. Some may think this could have negative social and medical implications but on the flip side it could be a major boon to prosperity due the vast amount of knowledge, experience and skills an older productive generation would possess.
But aside from gene therapy, it may be that vitamin C supplementation could have some beneficial anti-aging effects on it’s own. Studies have shown that vitamin C slows down the shortening of the telomeres on the DNA by over 50%. Telomeres protect the ends of the DNA and help preserve vital DNA information during cellular division. Another benefit of vitamin C is collagen production. Not only is collagen a major component of the skin, but it is present throughout the body in the tendons, ligaments and all connective tissue. Vitamin C also plays a major role as an anti-inflammatory. In the case of cigarette smokers, large amounts of vitamin C become depleted in the body from smoking cigarettes and this is a major reason for early aging and wrinkles in the face. Cigarette smokers could greatly benefit with additional vitamin C supplementation.
In some ways extra vitamin C supplementation could provide some of the same benefits as hormone replacement therapy but at greatly reduced cost.

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