What Is Niacin Used For? 5 Reasons You Should Take It!


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In this video I’m going to share what niacin is used for and what it really does. Niacin is often called vitamin B3 due to it being the third B vitamin discovered. Throughout history there was this disease known as pellagra that would cause problems such as diarrhea, mental problems and scaly skin sores. It doesn’t sound very fun does it?

Then in 1915 a physician named Joseph Goldeberger did some experimenting and discovered he could actually create this disease in people by altering their diets. It turns out when someone doesn’t get enough vitamin B3 in their diet they get this disease.

The human body has many uses for niacin. One of the primary ways it’s used is to break down food and transfer that into energy for the body. This is why a deficiency in this substance usually creates fatigue in someone.

Next your body uses this nutrient to help cells communicate. You might be wondering why cells even need to communicate right? As humans we are survival machines and we have something known as the fight or flight response, which uses cellular communication. This means if you were in a jungle and saw a giant lion come at you every cell in your body would be in high alert to give you a chance of not dying.

Another way cells use this vitamin is to aid in the growth and health of cells. This is important because do you know what a damaged cell causes? Apart from wrinkles in your skin it could cause cancer and possibly many other ailments.

Also vitamin B3 plays a part in keeping blood pressure at a normal rate. This is why according to the Journal of American College of Cardiology they looked at 11 different studies with 10,000 people and concluded that this nutrient does in fact lower the chance of cardiovascular disease. This not only means it helps prevent heart disease and strokes, but improves so many other areas of health that better blood flow can help with.

Another nifty benefit to this substance is that it can help with arthritis. There was a study done by “Inflammatory Research” that found that patients with osteoarthritis experienced better joint movement and lower inflammation after 3 months of taking this vitamin. Other possible nifty health benefits of this vitamin include improved memory, lovemaking improvement, a motion sickness remedy and insomnia.

You can get niacin from a dietary supplement such as with a multivitamin or eating fish, chicken, turkey, peanuts and green peas.

To sum everything up niacin is used to…
1. Break down food into energy
2. Prevent pellagra
3. Help cells health
4. Help cells communicate
5. Control blood pressure

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Source: What Is Niacin Used For? 5 Reasons You Should Take It!

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