Hair Tips: How to Strengthen Damaged, Thinning hair [Benefits of Vitamin B6, Biotin]

Find out about one of the best kept secrets to obtain beautiful, strong, shiny hair. For decades, dermatologists and US top hair clinics have been trusting and recommending the all-natural Rejuve3 formulas to restore dry, damaged hair. The line of products works synergistically to create the optimal environment for hair growth. Visit:

Here is the inside scoop on how you can restore the overall look of dull dry damaged hair with an all-natural solution enriched with amino acids and essential vitamins. We take the time to empower hair stylist, dermatologists centers and all of our clients with the solutions and the information to address these issues and what each ingredient does. With this information, you can be more consistent as you will understand what each agent is doing to benefit your hair and your scalp.

The Rejuve3 Daily Nourishment Spray contains essential nutrients to add strength from the hair root, and also has multiple benefits including thermal protection and agents to maximize shine with the following ingredients:

Essential for hair growth. Increases hair cortex
elasticity, prevents breakage and thickens hair cuticle.

Antioxidant & anti-inflammatory with remarkable moisturizing effect on your scalp skin, preventing itchy, dry scalp. Photoprotective, healing and skin barrier-stabilizing properties support tissue repair and keep follicles thriving.

PANTHENOL (ProVitamin B5):
Penetrates hair shaft to protect hair’s strength and retain vital moisture for healthy growth. Minimizes hair breakage. Protects against the effects of humidity, excessive temperatures and salty waters.

Provides maximum protection against the effects of high temperatures, heat applications and UV damage. Increases body, suppleness, sheen in hair. Minimizes mechanical damage to hair, and as a catalyst it sinks moisture into each strand.

For more info, visit: or call us at: (313) 887-5184. We would be happy to assist you in determining the right products for your specific scalp or hair condition.

Source: Hair Tips: How to Strengthen Damaged, Thinning hair [Benefits of Vitamin B6, Biotin]

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