GreenZilla Energy Shot Niacin Flush

eXfuze GreenZilla Niacin Flush

Lowering Cholesterol – funny reaction to Niacin (Vitamin B3). Niacin has proven to lower cholesterol levels as well as being very beneficial in preventing many other diseases as well as increasing memory! Niacin produces a dilation effect on the body causes a ‘flushing effect’ causing the skin to feel hot or tingly. As a result of this increased circulation, your entire body will be healthier and may be able to stop diseases that could be the result of circulatory problems.
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Healthy Energy All Day Long Energy!

In today’s fast-paced world, it is more important than ever to stay and alert to meet the challenges of the day. With the overabundance of unhealthy energy products on the market, eXfuze and its research and development team decided to change the game and make a healthy alternative that you can feel good about using. GreenZILLA was formulated for the enhancement of the body’s energy systems. So what sets GreenZILLA apart from other energy shots? For starters, its Phyto-Energy Blend contains ingredients that studies have shown to affect multiple metabolic pathways that work together synergistically with any of the eXfuze brand of products. GreenZILLA does not contain any ingredients that will give you the jitters or leave you feeling wired or strung out. It is simply the world’s first safe, all natural, great tasting healthy energy supplement, and mixed with water, it’s simply unbelievable! At a better price point than leading retail energy shots, GreenZILLA is an excellent and cost effective way to stay alert with natural, healthy energy all day long!

GreenZILLA Benefits:

All healthy ingredients in a whole food base
NO synthetic anything
Mental and Physical Energy
Conveniently packaged in 2.5 ounce bottles
Food grade plastic bottle containing NO Bisphenol-A
Easy to fit in purse, backpack, briefcase, or pants pocket
Can be taken on airlines
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Source: GreenZilla Energy Shot Niacin Flush

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