Do Vitamin B12 Shots Work? | #BeautyExperienced Ep. 4

Vitamin B12 is essential to our nervous system, aides in our metabolism, cell reproduction and helps us stay alert and awake. It’s easy to get the nutrient in our diets just by eating animal products like dairy or meat, but if you’re a vegetarian or have an inability to absorb B12, then you might have a deficiency. That’s where vitamin B12 injections come into play. Susan Yara swears by them for weight management, energy and clarity, so of course, it caught Anna Jimenez’s attention. In this episode of #BeautyExperienced, watch as the two find out if B12 injections work for everyone.

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Source: Do Vitamin B12 Shots Work? | #BeautyExperienced Ep. 4

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