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Are you looking for the right supplement to help support your immune system? Find out more as Tyler explains the different types of supplements and how they can boost your immune system.
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| Immunity |
• Innate and Adaptive Immunity

• Innate is first line of defense and is non-specific
– Skin, mucous, phagocytes, membranes
– Anything that is used to just keep stuff out

• Adaptive is more specific but takes time
– Immunizations
– T + B lymphocytes recognize pathogens and respond accordingly
– Adaptive immunity is cause for most of the symptoms that people feel when sick. (Fever)

• Supplements that support Immunity
– Vitamin C (helps both innate and adaptive)
1. The role of vitamin C in lymphocytes is less clear, but it has been shown to enhance differentiation and proliferation of B- and T-cells
2. Oxidative scavenging
3. Carr, A. C., & Maggini, S. (2017). Vitamin C and immune function. Nutrients, 9(11), 1211.

• Probiotic
– Mostly do their job via competition.
– It’s not 100%, it’s not an end-all solution, but having healthy gut bacteria can improve the chances that harmful bacteria may not fully establish.

• Greens Products
– Strong antioxidant properties
– Great for overall wellness through consumption of often missed nutrients

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| Brain Gainz Hosts |
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