Superfood – Nugreens – A Superfood Review

In a previous article, I wrote about Salba – (Salvia L. Hispanica), the tasteless Aztec staple grain that endowed its people with tremendous energy, stamina and general health. I wrote about the genetically modified form of Salvia L Hispanica now cultivated in South America and imported into the United States for sale through various distribution channels.

In this article, I’ll review a superfood supplement called NuGreens and why it is important for busy health-conscious individuals to be aware of its benefits. Wouldn’t it be great to carry around eight full fresh salads around with you wherever you go? This is what NuGreens offers to busy people on the go.

NuGreens is a nutrient-rich, micronized, fine powder supplement that claims to optimize our body’s pH . As most health-conscious people already know, maintaining a balanced pH (potential hydrogen) in our bodies is one of the most important keys to warding off chronic diseases and strengthening our body’s immune system. A blood and body tissue pH of below 4 indicates acid buildup or an overly acidic digestive tract that over long time intervals may affect our susceptibility to all kinds of crippling chronic diseases. These are diseases that sneak up on us from the inside of our bodies as a result of our long-term detrimental lifestyle habits. Disease symptoms however, may begin to be noticeable on the outside of our bodies.

We often notice a lack of the energy and vitality we had for most of our lives; blurred hearing and vision, unexplained aches and pains, headaches, weight gain, muscle weakness, mental sluggishness, unexplained bumps that come and go, skin discoloration, loss of flexibility, inability to concentrate and a host of other non-specific symptoms often accompany a pH imbalance in our digestive and circulatory systems. The fact that these symptoms seem to coincide with the natural aging processes most people go through masks the potential life-extension possibilities people would enjoy if they paid more attention to their body’s pH levels.

The traditional remedy for an over-acidic body has been to eat more alkaline foods to restore pH balance. The Everything Glycemic Index Cookbook by Nancy T. Maar has become a popular cookbook for those who understand the importance of pH balance in our diets.

Having a stimulant-free product that surpasses the nutrition of five servings of fruits and vegetables without any calories or carbohydrates and that balances our pH should be a welcome addition to our choices of food products. NuGreens is exactly that.

Green food supplements, properly formulated, are among the world’s most nutrient-rich and beneficial superfoods on earth. A quality green food supplement is a concentrated storehouse of these important phyto-nutrients and the minerals, vitamins, fiber, enzymes, carotenoids, and antioxidants that have been stripped from many modern day foods.

The NuGreens product is rich in chlorophyll, often called the “blood” of plants. The molecular structure of chlorophyll is the same as human blood with the exception of its center atom, which is magnesium rather than iron. Our bodies have the ability to convert the center atom of chlorophyll with iron to form and build the blood. Chlorophyll helps the blood cells deliver oxygen throughout the body. NuGreens has been found to contain four times the power of ordinary green food products.

Green food supplements are not new but are often made only from dehydrated whole leaf powder. It’s cheaper to manufacture this way. NuGreens is made from desiccated or de-hydrated plant juice and thus comes in a powder form making it possible to ‘drink’ our fruits and veggies.

Most of us don’t take the time to sit down and munch on enough green vegetables in order to experience the true health benefits of them. NuGreens provides us a convenient and economical way to solve this problem. Greens are some of the most alkalizing, nutrient-dense foods on earth infusing your body with easily absorbed vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fiber, chlorophyll, enzymes, phytonutrients, and alkaline minerals that help to neutralize acids in the blood and body tissues.

What does it taste like? It depends on what form of liquid you mix it with. In this author’s opinion, I would give it a C+ to B- in the taste category. It should be noted that older green food supplements that mix with water got a horrible reputation for their terrible bitter taste. I was pleasantly surprised by how mild NuGreens tasted. What struck me even more was how easily it mixes with liquid without the lumps that often accumulate in other green products. This may have something to do with the micronization process used by Vita-rich – the manufacturer of the product. NuGreens has an orange taste unlike other greens products on the market. It’s little disconcerting at first however, because the drink is green.

By drinking a healthy green drink, we’re also infusing our bodies with critical enzymes that are needed for just about every chemical activity in your body. If you want to really alkalize your green juice powder, add O2 proformance Hydration to it – you’ll make it 50 times more alkalizing than it already is. O2 tea bags alkalize liquids and work well with NuGreens. Do it only if you need extra energy though or people around you may think you’ve had a few too many cappuccinos.

NuGreens Ingredients:

Organic Wheat Grass Juice Powder:

o Chlorophyll;

o 20 amino acids;

o Provides several hundred different enzymes not found in other foods;

o 90 out of the possible 102 minerals;

o A complete food rich in essential vitamins, minerals, complete protein, fiber, enzymes, fatty acids, phytonutrients and more;

o Rich in SOD (superoxide dismutase), a potent free radical scavenging antioxidant;

Organic Barley Grass Juice Powder

o Rich in aggressive free radical scavenging, anti-aging, cardio- and cancer-protective antioxidants.

o active digestive and metabolic enzymes.

o 70 minerals plus an ultra-dense source of vitamins.

o Blocks absorption of cholesterol.

o Restores acid/alkaline balance in the intestinal tract;

Organic Kamut Grass Juice Powder

o A non-hybrid, heirloom wheat grass (first consumed by the Egyptians.)

o Highest pH of all green foods – regulates pH balance.

o Rich in metabolic enzymes.

o high levels of trace minerals.

o magnesium, zinc, vitamins B1, B2, B3 and E;

Organic Alfalfa Juice Powder

o High in calcium, protein, iron, B-complexes, copper, and zinc.

o Rich in metabolic enzymes and fiber

o Has been used by the Chinese since the 6th century to treat kidney stones, relieve fluid retention and swelling;

o good source of trace minerals;

Organic Spirulina

o Grown in mineral rich alkaline water with a pH of 10.0.

o Very high chlorophyll content.

o Contains most of the nutrients necessary to sustain life.

o Is 65% bio-available protein by weight.

Remember that juice powder is desiccated or dehydrated juice from the plant itself that will rehydrate when placed in liquid – just like powdered milk or dehydrated potatoes.

Finally, at no stage of the manufacturing process is NuGreens heated. This is important to note simply because heating at any stage of a ‘green’ product on its way to your kitchen robs the product of some of its nutrient-transfer power – just as over-boiling our vegetables robs the vegetables of their beneficial nutrients.

Overall, this food supplement product has tremendous potential to solve our nutritional deficit problems. Taste is individually acquired so it is expected that some will like the taste, some will think it tolerable and others may not be able to drink it enjoyably. The more I drink it, the easier it is for me to enjoy it. I prefer it to be mixed with a very cold water or skim milk. Each one of us may design their own drink from it but one of the best things about the product I received was that it comes in a bottle with 60 servings in it (a sixty day supply).

One serving is considered to be one full teaspoon of the powder and it is enough for one full day of energy and vitality. The opening of the bottle is a little too small in my opinion. It could be larger to more easily accommodate a teaspoon. Overall however, there is no ‘green product’ in this form that can stand up to NuGreens. As such, I highly recommend it for busy people on the go who cook irregularly at best.

Superfood – Nugreens – A Superfood Review by Bruce Santucci

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