Nootropic Review: Mr Happys Stack (Uridine, Fish Oil, Choline)

GPC (choline), Uridine, DHA

Forum Topic Where Stack was born. Link has most of the data gathered, many study’s and protocol listed.

(Below – Copy & Paste Excerpts from the Link Above)

Benefits reported for –
Uplifting and stabilizing mood
Modulating / normalizing dopamine release

Recommendations for people just starting out with uridine supplementation
For the first 2 weeks:
150-250mg UMP, orally, twice per day
A *good* multi vitamin, that includes RDA of B-group Vitamins and a broad range of trace minerals, including magnesium
500IU of mixed vitamin E
A large dose of fish oil with 700mg+ DHA , 300mg+ EPA (or 3000mg ALA / flaxseed oil, if you are vegetarian)

After 2 weeks:
Slowly introduce choline – start with 50mg of eg.alpha-GPC or CDP-choline and ramp it up to around 300mg.
If you experience depressive symptoms from choline, discontinue choline and consider ALCAR as an alternative.

Finding the optimal dose of uridine for you:
Too little uridine and you likely won’t see the benefits for a long time
Too much uridine and you’ll likely feel emotionally dull / overly focused.

Sublingual or Oral?:
Sublingual doses are predicted to be around 7x-10x the equivalent oral dose. If you are troubleshooting brain fog, you may benefit from these higher doses. People primarily looking for a mood lift would be advised to start with an oral dose first and make adjustments from there.

Differences between UMP and TAU:
Uridine-5′-Monophosphate (UMP) is water soluble and can be taken sublingually, if higher doses are desired.
Triacetyluridine (TAU) is fat soluble, but 4x-7x stronger, orally, than UMP.
From user reports, UMP appears to be more effective / better value, overall.
UMP is available in bulk powder. TAU is available in capsule form, which is convenient for travelling.

Who SHOULDN’T take uridine:
Over-methylators. If you do not respond well to Vitamin B, or SAMe, you are unlikely to enjoy any benefits from uridine supplementation.

Source: Nootropic Review: Mr Happys Stack (Uridine, Fish Oil, Choline)

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