Extend Your Life – Take Quality Multivitamins!

Our trusted physicians before June 2002 were still not convinced that we should take multivitamins. They believed that multivitamins were not essential if we are consuming a “complete diet’. The problem is, even nutritionists and physicians cannot define the standard “complete diet” they are advocating.

A milestone in the medical field was when Dr. Robert Fletcher and Dr. Kathleen Fairfield convinced the Journal of American Medicine (JAMA) to rethink its policy regarding multivitamins. In their study published on JAMA last June 2002, they stated that the North American diet fall short in preventing vitamin deficiency diseases such as scurvy, osteoporosis and pellagra. The typical American diet is very inadequate in order to prevent lifestyle diseases also called Chronic Degenerative Diseases ( CDGs).

Several vitamins and minerals were specifically studied and they concluded that:

– Low levels of Vitamin B6, B12 and Folic acid are associated with increase risk in having heart disease, the number 1 worldwide cause of mortality and morbidity.

– Low levels of Vitamin C, a very special antioxidant is associated with increase risk of cancer

– Low levels of another antioxidant Vitamin A is associated with decreased immunity and poor vision

– Low levels of carotenoids is associated with an increased risk of prostate, breast and lung cancer, three of the leading cancers

– Low levels of vitamin B12 in the body is associated with anemia and neurological disorders

– Low levels of folic acid is associated with increase risk of neural tube defects

With this studies and a lot of evidences most of us are still ignorant in the fact that multivitamins can really extend our life by giving our body the complete line of nutrients for our optimal health. Most of us still believe that we eat a complete meal everyday but the reality is we fall too short in eating the right choice of foods in the right amount and in the right formula to sustain optimal health. People are fund of eating junks and this accelerates the formation of cholesterol plaques in our blood vessels. No wonder more and more people die from heart attack, stroke and hypertension.

On the brighter side, a lot of people are beginning to embrace the fact, that we do not eat the diet that would sustain our life and prevent us from catching degenerative diseases. People are starting to take multivitamins in different forms. That is why nutritional supplements and multivitamin industry is a trillion dollar industry.

I myself am taking quality multivitamins everyday. For me, it’s much better than taking over-the -counter or prescription drugs which are loaded with harmful chemicals that cause a bunch of side-effects. In our bodies we have our immune system taking care of ourselves from toxins and harmful microbes. Our duty is to nourish our body with nutritious foods and a quality multivitamin in order to have a powerful immune system that would take care of us and maintain our health. Add daily exercise and a healthy lifestyle, and surely we will have a body that will last for another years or decade. Medicines are reserved for dangerous cases when our system is really not functioning well.

Multivitamins are essential for us to have optimum health and it will prevent us from having the dreaded chronic degenerative diseases. Taking care of our body and nourishing it with quality multivitamins will extend our life and enable us to enjoy the beauty of life.

Extend Your Life – Take Quality Multivitamins! by Robert Navalta, M.D.

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