Best Vegan Supplements: Q&A with Jenné

Is it important to take vitamins? Which supplements should I be taking? Are there certain vitamins that vegans need to use?

I get these questions all of the time, so in this video I’ll talk about the supplements I take and what they do for my body.
Of course you should be relying on a healthy plant-based diet to supply your body with necessary nutrients, but supplements are a great way to get that added boost!

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The vitamins I take daily:
– Vitamin C for immunity and healthy skin. I take 500mg 3x daily. A liquid vitamin C works best, but an inexpensive pill will work too.
– B complex for a balance of essential B vitamins including b12 (an important nutrient for neurological health). B complex vitamins are helpful for controlling stress too! Can be taken as a pill, injection at the doctor, liquid, or dissolvable tablet.
– Vegan Omega 3 with EPA and DHA for heart and brain health. This omega-3 supplement is sourced from algae. Unlike fish oil it is unlikely to be contaminated with harmful pollutants and heavy metals.
– Zinc for hormonal balance and immunity. This is particularly helpful for maintaining healthy skin.

What vitamins do you like to take and why? Or are you opposed to taking supplements? Share your thoughts below!

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