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Must know this Top 4 vitamins and Minerals to reverse your grey hair. This video explains the root cause of grey hair and how to prevent or reverse it from the bottom of the root. Also, this presents the best foods to reverse premature graying of hair.
*Grey hair changes your age. If you are just 20s and you have grey hair, people think you might be 30s or 40s in age. But if you are really 40 years and have head full of black hair, people think you are younger.
So, grey hair makes difference. You know H202, Hydrogen peroxide is the main enemy for grey hair. Let’s Kick out H202 completely from the body, and treat grey hair fully from the bottom of the root.*
The build-up of hydrogen peroxide in the hair follicles bleaches the hair inside out. Hydrogen peroxide is naturally produced in the body due to metabolism.
When we are young, our body produces catalase which breaks down the hydrogen peroxide molecule into harmless oxygen and water. But as we age, our bodies produce less catalase. Also factors like stress, pollution and smoke reduces this catalase in our body, which cause h202 build up.
*Now, we are going to look at top 5 vitamins and Minerals that you can safely consume to eliminate h202 from the body and turn your grey hair back to the natural color.
1. Vitamin B12 – If you are seeing increase in the number of grey hairs, then probably you need to check your vitamin B12 levels. Vitamin B12 deficiency can cause significant grey hair. If your grey hair is due to Vitamin b12 deficiency, it’s completely reversible.
Take Vitamin B12 supplement once daily or follow the dosage on the labels. Vitamin B12 is generally water soluble and mostly safe vitamin. But don’t overdose.
You can get Vitamin b12 as gummies, chewable pills and syrups. If you still hate it, you can get Vitamin B12 from plenty of foods like meat liver and kidney, sardine fish, plain Yogurt, milk, egg and cheese.
Vitamin B12 has other benefits like improved memory, nerves function, sleep, beautiful skin and hair.
2. Folic acid, or Vitamin b9
Folic acid prevents premature graying of hair as well as reduces grey hair. It helps in producing red blood cells and DNA. You can take folic acid 400mcg supplement daily or alternate days to reduce grey hair and prevent reoccurrence.
Again, you can skip this supplement if you like to eat folic acid rich foods like beans, lentils, asparagus, eggs, leafy greens, beets and broccoli.
3. Zinc
Hair color comes from a pigment called Melanin. Zinc helps in the production of Melanin pigment which helps in reversing grey hair.
You can get Zinc supplements, which has 5mg or 10mg of zinc. For example, this one is zinc lozenges with 5mg of zinc. Do not overdose this mineral.
Zinc is widely available in foods like Meat, oysters, beans, nuts and seeds (like cashews, pumpkin seeds), spinach and dark chocolate.
4. Copper
Copper is a vital component of melanin, which is the dark pigment found in hair. Copper catalyzes the enzyme that produces Melanin.
Low levels of copper can result in premature greying of hair. If you know you have copper deficiency, talk to your doctor before taking any copper supplements. Because, copper at high levels can be toxic.
Safely, you can get required doses of copper from foods like Mushrooms, Almonds, Molasses, sesame seeds, kidney beans, lentil, lobsters, liver and oysters.
So, basically, you may need supplements for Vitamin B12, folic acid and zinc to treat grey hair. For copper, you don’t need supplements.

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