Peak Physique Natural Bodybuilding Documentary: A Natural Bodybuilders Journey to the Stage – Part 2

Watch the Peak Physique Natural Bodybuilding Documentary, Part 2. Find out what it takes to become a natural bodybuilder and fitness show competitor.

Part two of of this documentary continues to follow certified personal trainer, natural bodybuilder, and master kettlebell coach Jon Flore Mills as he makes his way closer to the competitive bodybuilding stage in Canada for the first time.

The deeper Jon gets into his natural bodybuilders competition regime, the more he faces common psychological challenges that athletes face, including depression, body dysmorphia, eating disorders, social isolation, and physical challenges such as a drop in libido.

Watch as the second half of Jon’s 26-week natural bodybuilding journey hits it’s peak. The workouts, dieting, and posing techniques are more intense as the stage approaches and as Jon strives for the perfect natural bodybuilders body and the inevitable post-show comedown.

Whether you’re a fitness competitor or curious about achieving big goals, this documentary teaches you how to embrace your own journey. This is your guide to competing in a natural bodybuilding competition.

– Missed part one? Watch part one of the Peak Physique documentary here:

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