Teeth Whitening Demonstration, best dentist ny

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Simple video presenting Teeth Whitening. You are a modern man or woman on the go. You need the world to bottom line it so you can maximize your time, network with clients, socialize with friends and bond with your family. A beautiful smile is at the top of your action items, but again, you dont have the time, or inclination, to spend 10-12 weeks brightening your smile with take-home trays. You want a bottom line whitening procedure. Enter the ah-ma-zing laser — it can whiten your smile in just one appointment at your dentists office. Laser whitening is the wave of the future (as are lasers, in general). In just one appointment your teeth can lighten anywhere from 5-10 shades. Wondrous as this is, laser whitening has been a routine practice since it was approved for use in 1996 by the Federal Drug Administration. Many brands exist, but the fundamentals remain the same.

Source: Teeth Whitening Demonstration, best dentist ny

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