Lumeeno Zero Peroxide Gentle Teeth Whitening Strips (28 Strips) with Teeth Shade Guide

1- Lumeeno teeth whitening strips should be stored in a cool place but not in the freezer.

2- Please do not handle strips with wet hands.

3- Strips stick to your teeth better if your teeth are dry. Please try to wipe your teeth dry with a paper towel before applying the strips.

4- Do NOT use the strips immediately after brushing your teeth. Just floss and rinse your teeth very good before whitening. If you have already brushed your teeth, please wait 60 minutes before whitening. Strips do not stick well to freshly brushed teeth. Brush and rinse after whitening.

You will receive 14 sealed pouches of 2 strips (one for upper and one for lower teeth) Total of 28 strips, enough for 14 treatments. You can do up to 2 treatments within 24 hours.

Lumeeno non-peroxide teeth whitening strips are 100% enamel safe and you will not damage your teeth enamel. Rarely, if teeth sensitivity occurs, it will go away in 24 hours

Mini sealed aluminum pouches are perfect for teeth whitening on the go. Shade guide included to see your progress. You will start seeing results after the first treatment but the real difference will be at the end of 14 treatments.

The first 24-48 hours after teeth whitening is critical. After the whitening process, the pores or dental tubules on your teeth are open and they are very susceptible to staining.

For longer lasting results, avoid staining food and drinks between treatments.

Handle strips only with dry hands.

Step 1: Fit lower strip – apply gel side against your teeth and fold over the remainder to back of teeth.

Step 2: Fit the upper strip.

Step 3: Dispose the strips after 15-30 minutes

Clean your mouth carefully and clean the gel off your teeth.Zero Hydrogen Peroxide Gentle Formula – Enamel Safe – Great Alternative for Sensitive Teeth Whitening – Elastic Teeth Whitening Gel Strips – Mint Flavor – Sealed Pouches in Sealed Retail Box
Peroxide Free Lumeeno Teeth Whitening Strips Clean Stains Beneath The Surface of Your Teeth – Removing Unsightly Stains – Visibly Whiter Teeth in Just 14 Treatments – Results Start to Show Immediately – Guaranteed
Easy, Fast, and Convenient Teeth Whitening Program with Non Peroxide (Peroxide Free) Enamel Safe Ingredients. Fantastic Results in 14 days – Guaranteed
Travel Friendly 14 Pouches for Continuous Teeth Whitening On The Go. Take Your Teeth Whitening Kit with You – Prevent The Generation of New Stains.
Safely Whitens Teeth with Enamel Safe Ingredients (No Hydrogen Peroxide Formula) Enough Strips for 14 Treatments – 14 Pairs of Strips (one for upper and one for lower teeth) Packed in 14 Aluminum Pouches = Total of 28 strips, 2 weeks supply.

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Source: Lumeeno Zero Peroxide Gentle Teeth Whitening Strips (28 Strips) with Teeth Shade Guide

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