How I Get My Teeth Up To 6 Shades Whiter! Teeth Whitening Routine

Hey guys so today I show you how I make my teeth super white by showing you how I use style smiles teeth whitening kit ! style smile is a super easy way to white teeth. And i will be doing a mini Stylesmile review for you guys. they are a great company with great products. I have always been the person to look up How to get my teeth whiter , whitening my teeth , how to get really white teeth to try and find really good whitening products. well I’m here to tell you look no more! (insert cheesy infomercial narrating voice) lol just kidding but in all seriousness this whitening kid is so amazing it lifted at least 5 to six levels of stains off of my teeth and i didnt even think they were that bad. This is how to get really white teeth for cheap and it really works. I have tried so many teeth whitening systems and at home whitening ideas and “easy ways to whiten teeth” but none of them work as good as stylesmile!

so how to lighten you teeth ?? there are many many ways on how to get a brighter smile at home teeth whutening can be easy or hard but with smile style its so much easier. I was actually nervous about molding the tray to my teeth but it was really easy !
how to get really white teeth instantly isn’t really possible with one thing but using this set will have you rocking a white smile in now time!. ( although i did lift a couple shades after the first use !! ) so that was a plus. how to get a brighter better smile doesn’t have to cost load of money either !!!!
at home teeth whitening has never been easier. because at home teeth whitening agents usually are either 1 expensive or 2 painful!

In this video i show you how to customize your dental trays and whiten your teeth.

ps at home teeth whitening doesn’t have to be painful!!! it also doesn’t have to strip your enamel !!! how to lighten your teeth in a non painful matter can be hard sometimes !! I I hope you guys like this video !!! ILY !

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