Go SMiLE Teeth Whitening Gel, 3.4 OZ.

Go SMiLE’s Teeth Whitening Gel is everything you want a whitening toothpaste to be, but never find! Go SMiLE’s powerful teeth whitener works as well as a separate whitening system, but without the extra time and hassle. Simply add it to your toothpaste as part of your daily routine! Our Hyperox technology penetrates into teeth, to remove even older, deeper stains.Powerful and convenient teeth whitening gel that works as you brush.
Add the Gel to your toothpaste and brush as usual
Better than “whitening” toothpaste, this penetrates to remove more stains. The results are great, within a month, see results as if you’d used a separate system
The Go SMiLE gell system is also a refill for the Sonic Blue System that is available in Silver or Violet from Go SMiLE (sold separately) The light-boosted Sonic Blue System delivers even faster visible results

Buy now… $27.53

Source: Go SMiLE Teeth Whitening Gel, 3.4 OZ.

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