EZGO Professional Strength Teeth Whitening Strips 28 Count-14 Day Supply+Bonus Shade Guide Advanced New Formula(6% HP)

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How To Use Our Teeth Whitening Strips

1. First brush your teeth to remove the layer of plaque. Do not use toothpaste – just a wet toothbrush. Your teeth have micropores and the pores need to be open for the chemical to penetrate. If toothpaste is used, the fluoride in the toothpaste may inhibit the penetration of the hydrogen peroxide bleaching agent.

2.Use the strips once or twice per day according the instructions. with the “Professional” and the “Premium”, use the product twice per day. The inner part of the strip has a the hydrogen peroxide that causes the stains inside your teeth to be oxidized and turn white. Applying the strips has a small learning curve as you will probably bend or fold a couple of them before you get the technique down.

3. Leave the strips on for 30 minutes at a time. After thirty minutes your saliva has probably diluted the peroxide to the extent that it is no longer effective. You can reapply a new strip immediately if you chose, for the treatment requires one hour of treatment time per day to work. It does not matter if you do this in one continuous 60-minute period or two 30-minute periods. Do this for two weeks and your teeth will get whiter.

Storage Condition

1. Keep the strips in a cool place.

2. Never handle them with wet hands.

3. Try to wipe your teeth with a napkin and dry your teeth before applying.

4. Do NOT use the strips immediately after brushing your teeth. It is better not to brush your teeth before whitening but you need to floss and rinse your teeth very good before whitening. You can brush lightly after whitening.

5. Refrigerate but do not freeze the strips. Keep them away from direct heat sources.

EZGO Lumeeno teeth whitening strips are easy to use. You can have a smile make-over in just 14 days. No mouth trays to form, no gels tubes, no pens, just easy to apply teeth whitening strips.
Sealed foil package comes with 14 pouches of 2 strips (one for upper and one for lower teeth) Total of 28 strips, 14 days 2 weeks supply
Removes years of teeth stains for a whiter smile,free Shade Guide Included.
6% Hydrogen Peroxide Gel professional strength formula, provides a noticeable effect, with no sensitivity
100% enamel safe. Great results. Noticeably whiter teeth in 14 days or your money back.

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Source: EZGO Professional Strength Teeth Whitening Strips 28 Count-14 Day Supply+Bonus Shade Guide Advanced New Formula(6% HP)

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