Best Teeth Whitening Gel NovaWhite (4) Made in USA

WHY IT WORKS- we sourced the highest quality professional strength carbamide gel from dental vendors and while researching in office whitening treatments. We then met directly with FDA approved labs and now have been bringing the system directly to the public for over five years. Whiten on your terms- Avoid the fear and high prices the dentist office. Plus we did such a great job negotiating the lowest possible price for our home clients that dentist’s offices are now our #1 customers (please don’t share). Whiten like a pro! EASY to USE- We at NovaWhite put a premium on easy to follow instructions. With the help of our clients we have simplified our included instructions and have video tutorials available. Now you can simply apply the most advanced tooth whitener at home. Teeth whitening has never been easier. We find most of our clients whiten at nite watching a favorite tv program or at the tanning bed getting a two for one.This product is a gel refill and does not include mouth trays. For a complete whiteners kit add our custom SuperNova to the cart, or if you don’t have the time to wait on custom mouth trays the QuikStart Kit is perfect mouldable at home solution. Also check out our offers for a set of mouthpieces in the Special Offers and Product Promotions. Check out our reviews. Please do not go cheap so called instant or permanent whitening teeth products- Your smile is very important to self image take great care of it! If you are in click the add to cart button.NovaWhite sources the highest quality professional strength 22% carbamide peroxide gel from dental vendors.
Made in the USA in a state of the art FDA registered facility for over 5 years. Easy to follow directions and application.
No need to buy mouthwash, strips, pen, pastes, as seen on tv products, that take months or never work at all.
Guaranteed to remove stains from wine, coffee, tea, smoking or staining agents. The perfect solution for those with sensitive teeth or gums.

Buy now… $20.97

Source: Best Teeth Whitening Gel NovaWhite (4) Made in USA

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