7 Tips to Whiten Your Teeth – 7 Best Home White Teeth Remedies to Improve Your Beautiful Smile

In a society where every book is judge by its cover, the first impression is very very important. Whether it's a relationship or a job, having yellow teeth is a turn off and could ruin your chance to get that significant other half or perfect job. These are the 7 tips you can use to get whiter teeth fast and prevent it from discoloring.

1. Drink a lot of water (8 glasses a day) will not only flush out the toxins and wastes in your body but also create a healthy white teeth. Most of the time, all the food colors and toxin we intake are reflected by the color of our teeth.

2. Avoid dark fruits like blueberries, blackberries, and beats which can cause discoloration is tooth. If you like to eat these, make sure to brush your teeth right after to prevent teeth from changing color. Also avoid drinking coffee and red wine for the same reason. Although red wine gives you lots of antioxidants, drinking one or two glasses a day is fine.

3. Brush your teeth more often will help reduce stains which help increase the tooth whiteness. I use the vibrating tooth brush with round edges which can clean each tooth more effectively.

4. Eat more fruits like apples, pearls, celery or carrots which trigger lots of saliva to help scrub away dirty stains. These foods are naturally high in antioxidants and vitamins anyways so it would be a great one two body and teeth healthy combination.

5. Stop smoking cigarettes or cigars because smoking is the worst offenders when it come to teeth discoloring. Nicotine creates the brown color in tooth which can be difficult to clean and whiten.

Use 6. Teeth whitening strips and pens once or twice a day to whiten your teeth with faster View results. This is great before an important event such as a nice date, job interview, or wedding. Teeth whitening strips are extremely popular and widely used everywhere. It is more affordable and even more convenience to your time. Make sure to use the free trials to test if the products is right for the sensitivity of your teeth.

7. Get your professional teeth whitening treatment at your dentist office. Over here, you can get a customize mouth tray which will stay in your mouth for a couple of hours. After that, you will get the bright white beautiful smile and a nice invoice of $ 200-900.

7 Tips to Whiten Your Teeth – 7 Best Home White Teeth Remedies to Improve Your Beautiful Smile by Vicky D. Taylor

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