TUSOL Smoothies Review: How Good Are These Pre-Packaged Organic Superfood Smoothie Packs?

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Intro – 0:00
Unboxing – 0:09
How TUSOL Works – 0:39
Making Our Smoothie – 2:02
Taste Test – 2:19
Final Thoughts – 2:53

Hey Food Box HQ Family! Today we’re unboxing TUSOL’s new line of pre-packaged smoothies. Special thanks to TUSOL for sending us this box to share our thoughts with you guys :).

TUSOL is a line of pre-packaged smoothie powders made with real organic ingredients including fruits, vegetables, and even mushroom blends.

As an “on the go” smoothie blend, they have a lot of nice variety to choose from. I would recommend taking them up on their recipes or even using their pre-packaged ingredients as a “boost” to your normal smoothie.

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