The Downside of Green Smoothies – SHOCKING

Concerns about smoothies and oxalic acid, nitrate availability, dental erosion, and weight gain are addressed.
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That’s it—the whole smoothie enchilada! Phew. For those who are sick of smoothies, you will be happy to know the next video will be nonsmoothie-related (though will undoubtedly unleash its own storm of controversy!). For those who missed the rest of Smoothiepalooza, here’s the first 4 videos of the series:
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Was the concern about dental erosion new to you? See more in:
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What’s with that nitrate thing? See Don’t Use Antiseptic Mouthwash ( What’s the best mouthwash then? See the video What’s the Best Mouthwash? (…) More on nitrate-containing vegetables coming up!

More on fat-soluble nutrient absorption in an ancient video of mine, Forego Fat-Free Dressings? (…)

And more on oxalates and kidney stones in How to Prevent Kidney Stones With Diet (…) and How to Treat Kidney Stones with Diet (…).

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Image Credit: Morning smoothie and moppet65535 via Flickr.
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