SUPERFOOD Smoothie! :)

Need something super healthy and delicious for breakfast on the go?
I have just the thing, my superfood smoothie is perfect for busy people who still need that extra boost of energy in the mornings! Breakfast of Champions BABY! 🙂

1 Cup Organic Almond Milk – Vitamin E, Protects Skin for Ultra Rays
Handful Organic Kale – Vitamin K, Protein, Alkalizing
1 Tsp Organic Lucuma Powder – Niacin, Iron, Loaded with Minerals
1/2 Cup Soaked Goji Berries – High in Vitamin A, Eye Health
1/2 Cup Mangos – Helps with clogged pores, Vitamin C
1/2 Cup Strawberries- Antioxidants, Fights Free Radicals


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