Superfood – Easy Weekly Green Smoothie Set-up & Prep

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To save time and money, and make sure you get all the nutrients from superfood fruits and vegetables into your body every day, try my green smoothie set up strategy!
It’s so easy – and having a green smoothie every day will make a huge difference to your health, and help you naturally burn fat.
Today’s video is 2 green smoothie recipes, and a quick and easy way to prepare them so you can make one on the go. A quick and easy Superfood green smoothie is just what you need to stay healthy and fit!
Before I get into the details, I want to welcome you to Betty Rocker’s Kitchen. Be sure to visit my site where you can get access to hundreds of healthy gluten free, dairy free recipes that feature superfoods like this.

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Today’s post is all about superfood Green Smoothie set-ups/prep. I’ve been on a huge superfoods kick lately, and green smoothies are just the thing to fill your tummy and keep you feeling awesome. This recipe is perfect as a superfood breakfast, superfood lunch, or superfood dinner – as a meal replacement, and as a snack.

I should also mention that including superfoods in your diet is especially important if you are working out regularly. I would consider these as fitness food recipes. Anyone who is active (and even if you’re not!) should be regularly benefiting from the anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties of superfoods like kale and other dark leafy greens, parsley, mint and other herbs, organic fruits and citrus. If you have any questions as to why, please email me.
These are both easy green smoothie recipes. Start to finish, prepping these delicious smoothies for the week takes 20 minutes – and making one on the go takes 3.

I make a ton of these superfood green smoothies. Pre-workout Green Smoothies, Post-workout Green Smoothies, Breakfast Green Smoothies, Dinner Green Smoothies, and more. If it’s a superfood and it can go in a green smoothie, then you will see it on my channel sooner or later. If you have any requests for green smoothie recipes or superfood recipes, be sure to leave comments on any of my videos.

My blog offers tips for diets for women and men. Actually diet isn’t the right word for the way I look at food and fitness. I’m all about eating right every day. In fact, I recently wrote a book called “The Body Fuel System” that is chock full of healthy eating tips. And, it’s way more than a diet solution. No shortcuts, just healthy eating every single day. Plus there is a green smoothie every day.
Here are other green smoothie recipes that you might be interested in
Blueberry Banana Green Smoothie

Blueberry Banana Green Smoothie

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Honey-Apple-Crisp Post-Workout Green Smoothie

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Mint Green Protein Smoothie

Warrior Green Smoothie for Strength and Weight Loss

Warrior Green Smoothie for Strength and Weight Loss

I suggest including more superfood options in your diet because more variety of green vegetable sources (i.e. kale, swiss chard, spinach, etc) provide you with fiber and important phytonutrients that will boost your immune system, decrease inflammation, and naturally balance your blood sugar, promoting a healthy, natural fat loss.

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