Smoothie #2: Prebiotics, Phytochemicals, "Anti-Nutrients" & Hydrolyzed Collagen

This video is a sequel to Rhonda’s popular micronutrient smoothie recipe. You can watch the original here:

While Dr. Rhonda Patrick’s first video focused primarily on the micronutrients found in the various fruits and vegetables she put in her smoothie, this one, in addition to offering some modest changes on the recipe, instead focuses on the beneficial “hormetic” compounds that are NOT micronutrients. These compounds are known as polyphenols, flavonols, and phytochemicals. She also talks about fermentable fiber and other prebiotics that feed beneficial bacteria in the gut that are present in the vegetables and fruits. Additionally, she explains why she adds hydrolyzed collagen powder to her smoothie. She also sheds some light on whether “anti-nutrients” need be of concern.

Kale (8 leaves)
Chard (two rainbow chard leaves and stems)
Spinach (2 cups)
Celery (2)
Parsley (8 pieces)
Carrot (1 large)
Tomato (1)
Apple (1)
Lemon (1)
Frozen organic blueberries (1-2 cups)
Avocado (1)
Hydrolyzed collagen powder (1/4 cup)
Water (2 cups of water)

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