Quick Superfood Smoothie

When I’m left home alone with my busy freelance work schedule I forget to shop for food, I forget to make nut milk, basically the wheels come off and I find myself groveling for whatever healthy food I can find in our cupboards. That’s how this smoothie was invented. Even though it’s quick and easy, make no mistake, these are some of the most powerful antioxidant “fountain of youth” foods you can put in your body. Holistic and nutrition nuts all over the world make wild claims about their ability to fight all kinds of sickness and disease. I absolutely see the difference in my life.

You can expect these ingredients to last 2-3 months* making this smoothie a few days a week and they are all awesome products to have on hand for your other superfood needs. We have sourced our favorite brands for you. Brands we have loyally used for years. Let us know what you think!

The following is the list of ingredients, all of which are available from our store:
Sun Warrior Protein Powder
Cacao Powder
Cacao Nibs
Tocotrienol Powder
Goji Berries
Dragon Herbs (To stretch this out I’ll use half a packet per smoothie.)
Chia Seeds
Reishi Mushroom
Chaga Mushroom
Vanilla Liquid Stevia

Other variations include anything else healthy and organic you can find in which case I can’t promise it will still taste good. For fresh fruit and veggie smoothies check out Judita’s books Raw & Simple and Going Raw.

*To really stretch this out if you’re on a budget, add banana and reduce scoop size. I’m pretty sure I could make this last a year. A lot of these superfoods have cumulative effect so even a small amount consistently over time is way better than none at all.

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