My Daily Green Smoothie (& YOUR Daily Green Smoothie, Too!)

If you haven’t hopped on the daily green smoothie train, this video’s about to throw you “all aboard!” Once you see how SIMPLE, EASY and QUICK MY daily green smoothie is (which you’ll see the moment you press “play” on this video), you’ll have no more excuses not to be making your own daily green smoothie.

Oh, and in this video I liken a green smoothie to kissing, and may or may not compare kombucha to sex. (What?!? I know, right? Sometimes this Plant-Partier can come up with some whacky plant-based ideas…)

Has this video inspired you to get your daily green smoothie on?! Did it make you chuckle and spit smoothie out of your nose? Leave a comment below and let me know, or tag @partyinmyplants on FB or IG to show me your daily green smoothie (or the smoothie coming out of your nose).

As always, thanks for watching!
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