"GREEN SMOOTHIES!" by the Bondi Hipsters

See description below for the full recipe to our Green Smoothie.

Please note: All fruit and veggies used in this recipe have been grown organically and positively affirmed from the day they were planted. We find the tastiest kind of positive affirmations to be:
“You’re great”
“You’re one of a kind”
“There’s no other fruit like you”
“Every vegetable is unique”
“You can be whatever you want to when you grow up”.

3 x Spinach Leaves
2 x Celery Sticks
1 Tsp Spirulina
1 Scoop of Vitabomb
1 Scoop of Immunobooster
1 Scoop of Energiser Charge
1 Scoop of Stress Reducer
200mls of Fermented Kombucha (grown from armpit bacteria)
1 x Unicorn Horn
6 x Vegan Tears
1 Pinch of Insecurity
1 x Shot of freshly growled Wheat Grass
1 x Squirt of Spirituality
1 x Splash of water off a Buddha’s back (preferably a brass Buddha, but timber will do)
200mls of Sweat from a Yoga Matt (obtained immediately following a Bikram Yoga Class)
1 x Fresh hot load of Dragon Semen (preferably obtained via a hand-job). Pro-tip: We find that Dragon’s are most open to receiving hand-jobs immediately after killing a Knight.

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