GREEN SMOOTHIE | Fluid Art | Dirty Pour | Masking Tape Technique

I call this the Green Smoothie Fluid Art Dirty Pour. The masking tape technique around the edges makes all the difference. This turned out AMAZING! I’m delighted with the results but would love to hear what you think about this one…comment below.


Colors Used:
Affordable Primary Mixing Colors:

What do you need for acrylic pouring/fluid painting?

In acrylic pouring or fluid painting, diluted acrylic paints are cast on the canvas using various techniques. This results in quite random results. Every picture is unique.

1. acrylic paint

You can use what you like here. Acrylic paints from brand companies usually have a thicker consistency and therefore lower consumption. Cheap brands are often thinner, you need a little more color. These are the bands I mainly use.

Look for what suits you and your wallet. Possibly. you have to adjust my Pouring recipe, which comes down below with your acrylic paint something. (advertising*) (advertising *)

2. The Pouring Medium
The only pouring medium I used was a 60/40 Glue & Floetrol mix with a bit of water.
The Pouring Medium ensures that the acrylic paint is fluid and pourable. There are now many varieties available. Liquitex is also a good option, even without silicone oil beautiful cells are possible. (Glue) (advertising*) (Floetrol) (advertising*) (Liquitex) (advertising*) (advertising *)

3. Water

Only acrylic paint and casting medium is usually not enough, the colour must be made a little more liquid, but I use normal tap water. In the end, the ready-mixed colour should flow evenly off the stirring tool like warm liquid honey.


4. Final treatment

If the pictures have dried after about 3-5 days, the acrylic paint will not shine as well as when wet. To restore this shine, use the Pouring Medium. But you can also use a special gloss varnish to create even more shine. (advertising *)

Otherwise, you only need a canvas in its preferred size and a few cups to touch the colours.

My acrylic pouring recipe

1 part colour
1 part Pouring Medium
1/2 part of water

!!! Important, the canvas must first be primed with Acrylic Pouring Medium or paint otherwise, the edges absorb too much paint.

Cast acrylic – quantity calculation
How much colour is needed for his canvas?

Approximately 0.3 grams per square centimetre, this is the complete mixture meant. Suppose you have a canvas of 40 x 40 cm = 1600cm2. Calculation 1600 x 0.3 grams = 480 grams of the complete mixture so all colors, pouring medium and water added up.

For a 40×40 cm two-color image, the mix looks like this:

Rounded up to 500 grams so that no later color is missing:

100 g of colorful paint
100 g of fluid medium
50 g of water

100 g white color
100 g of fluid medium
50 g of water

On the bottles is usually a millilitre indication, you can take that in grams, 250 ml color is not exactly 250 g, but the difference does not matter.

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