Green Smoothie Challenge Day 19 (featuring papaya)

Dear Viewer, I created this 30-day green smoothie challenge to help inspire you to take charge of your health. I believe that anyone who completes this challenge will feel happier and healthier after a month of regular smoothie consumption. If you’d like to participate, simply start at the beginning of the series (Green Smoothie Challenge Day 1) and continue for 30 days. Each video contains a list of ingredients, a green smoothie recipe, and helpful smoothie-related tips that will guide you through each day. It’s also worth mentioning that these smoothies are meant to supplement your regular diet, not substitute it completely. So don’t stop eating solid food. Instead drink one quart of smoothie everyday in addition to your pre-existing diet. Good luck and enjoy!

Vitamix Blenders:

Green Smoothie Challenge Day 19:

½ bunch green kale
1 guava
½ strawberry papaya
½ banana
1 pint water


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