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Ingredients for this organic fertility smoothie:

– Several handfuls of spinach
– Stalk of celery
– Parsley
– Ginger
– Black roasted sesame seeds(not too much if you don’t want it to taste too bitter, but if you still want the goodness opt for tahini)
– Chia (full scoop)
– Soaked almonds (2 handfuls soaked overnight) or add hemp milk or water (still tastes better in smoothies and only use glass bottled water)
– “Fertility Honey” which you can purchase for £23.00 from me including postage: http://awakeningfertility.com/2015/01/fertility-honey-sweeten-your-fertility-diet/
– Lemon
– Avocado (if you have a Vitamix you can even add the avo seed!)
– Raw organic dessert spoonful of coconut oil in glass jar – I love the taste of Viridian
– Marine Phytoplankton
– Chaga
– Shield
– Maca with 1/4 amount of Lucuma to Maca
– Blue-green algae 1/2 tea spoon, but if you don’t want the taste spoilt then add 1/4
– Baobab
– 30mL Colloidal Silver
– 15mL Colloidal Gold

Want more details about these SuperFoods?
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Superfoods for Fertility – How Superfoods Benefit Fertility

If you want it chunky, put all ingredients in together but don’t blend very long.
If you want it smooth, blend all ingredients together but stir in SuperFoods
If you have a sweet tooth you can add mango or banana or dates (though these are not light force foods).

* Read more on light force foods here –

* How to Body Test These Ingredients?

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