30-Day Green Smoothie Challenge for Busy People

30-Day Green Smoothie Challenge for Busy People by Sergei Boutenko delivers the same healthy protocol as before, but with completely fresh green drink recipes, updated content, new tips and tricks and more! If you’ve ever made the excuse that you don’t have time to blend a smoothie, this challenge is for you! P.S. You won’t be required to stop eating food!

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What is the 30-Day Green Smoothie Challenge?

The main purpose of a 30-day green smoothie challenge is to motivate you to take charge of your health in a manageable fashion. I believe that anyone who completes this challenge will feel happier and healthier after a month of regular smoothie consumption. The challenge is simple and straightforward, and requires minimal effort. All you have to do is drink one quart (or liter if you’re in Europe) of freshly made green smoothie every day for one month in addition to your pre-existing diet. I repeat, you don’t have to change your diet or stop eating food. Instead, just add a mason jar of smoothie to your set routine. It’s as easy as that!
You don’t even need to plan a far-off start date; you can begin any day you please. In fact, just hopping into the challenge on no day in particular produces fantastic results because it tricks the mind out of procrastination and wishful thinking.

What Results Can You Expect from this Program?

Amazing things happen to people who add green smoothies into their daily routines. The 30-day green smoothie challenge described in this video has assisted me in achieving a superior level of health, as well as a rock-solid immune system. This same challenge has helped tens of thousands of folks shed unwanted weight, allowing them to feel lighter and more energetic. Furthermore, it has aided others by reducing stomach bloating, inflammation, depression, insomnia, eczema, psoriasis, allergies, migraine headaches, and beyond.

The premise of a 30-day green smoothie challenge is neither magic nor rocket science. It’s based on the idea that consuming heaps of fresh, organic, whole fruits and vegetables leads to overwhelmingly positive effects on the body. Thus, by drinking smoothies, which are made from the good stuff (i.e. vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants), you are adding exponentially more nutrients into your diet and benefiting accordingly.

If you follow the guidelines outlined in this challenge and drink homemade smoothies for 30 consecutive days, I am confident you will achieve your own fantastic hard-to-believe-it’s-true results.

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Introduction 0:06
Part One 5:33
What is a Green Smoothie? 5:44
Benefits of Green Smoothie Protocol 6:14
Challenge Summary 7:58
Bottled Smoothies Suck! 9:30
Don’t Fear Fruit Sugar 10:25
Perfection Kills Progress 12:16
Rotate Smoothie Greens 14:28
Fresh vs. Frozen Ingredient Debate 18:25
How/When to Drink Smoothies 20:40
Don’t Forget to Chew! 22:15
What’s Different About this Challenge? 23:15
Part Two 24:17
Green Smoothie Challenge Produce Tour 25:50
Shopping List #1 29:04
Batch Blending 29:28
Vitamix is my Favorite Blender 30:42
Days 1 & 2 (START HERE) 32:42
Days 3 & 4 38:21
Days 5 & 6 42:48
Days 7 & 8 47:50
Days 9 & 10 55:06
Shopping List #2 59:10
Days 11 & 12 59:28
Days 13 & 14 1:03:42
Days 15 & 16 1:06:50
Days 17 & 18 1:11:40
Days 19 & 20 1:16:30
Shopping List #3 1:21:38
Days 21 & 22 1:21:55
Days 23 & 24 1:25:53
Days 25 & 26 1:32:20
Days 27 & 28 1:37:28
Days 29 & 30 1:40:19
Behind the Scenes Tour 1:45:01

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