Yoga for Stress Reduction: Simple Techniques to Manage and Release Stress with Hala Khouri, M.A.

“Hala’s teachings offer an insightful pathway opening not only your body and mind, but even more importantly…your heart. I highly recommend this program to anyone interested in learning about the powerful connection of the mind/body and how the elimination of stress can create a happier, healthier and more dynamic life on all levels.” -Seane Corn

This program will help those with normal, everyday stress to those grappling with more extreme anxiety or overwhelm.

Hala guides you through this yoga workout with her unique perspective as a somatic counselor who has helped hundreds of people deal with stress. The yoga practices are geared towards teaching you how to shift from a fight-or-flight response into a relaxation response. You will also learn how to release stressful energy from your body and handle life’s stressors with grace and ease. Hala’s unique knowledge of the mind/body connection and her vast understanding of yoga are seamlessly combined to create a program that will heal the body, mind and spirit. Appropriate for new and experienced students.

WARM UP stretches target tension in the hips, legs, lower back, neck and spine. The focus is on working with the breath and sensations in the body as the first step to releasing stress.

STANDING POSES are designed to strengthen the legs and core to foster groundedness and resilience in the body.

The FREE MOVEMENT section starts with a chi gong standing meditation, a “self- tenderizing” sequence, and then spontaneous movement and dancing to shake off stress and rejuvenate the body.

The COOL DOWN sequence of seated forward bends and twists helps cultivate a sense of calm integration of the body and mind. It ends with a final relaxation on the back.

MEDITATION A focuses on how to self-regulate and find peace through sensation awareness and breath.

MEDITATION B targets a specific stressful experience and guides you on how to approach this scenario with resilience and ease.Simple yoga sequences appropriate for beginners and experienced students
Focus on how to reduce stress in the body and mind
5 sections: warm up, standing poses, free movement, cool down, and 2 meditations
Beautifully filmed
yoga and somatic psychology

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Source: Yoga for Stress Reduction: Simple Techniques to Manage and Release Stress with Hala Khouri, M.A.

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