What's the Number One Stress Related Symptom and Its Scientific Non-Narcotic Cure?

Stress related symptoms can be numerous, and can be serious. The number one stress related symptom that when cured, can make the body feel 100% better, is chronic fatigue. Chronic fatigue sets in when the stresses of life cause us to lay awake night after night, staring at the ceiling. When you do finally fall asleep, you find yourself with eyes wide open 30 minutes later with your mind racing again, and if you're like me, if you ever do finally fall asleep, it's 15 minutes before the alarm clock sounds, and the next stressful day begins.

These symptoms can quickly start to disappear when you begin to experience a deep, sound, and peaceful night's sleep. God built our body in a way that required sleep. But we behave as if this is not true. It has become almost an accepted truth in our culture that in order to be successful, you have to learn to function well on less and less sleep. As life goes on, we find ourselves trying to function with less and less sleep.

The problem is we do not function well without adequate sleep. Not well at all. Occasionally sacrificing your sleep to get a job done on deadline is just a natural part of the world of work. Regularly sacrificing your sleep in order to work more is unhealthy and a lousy use of time that eventually catches up with you and becomes counterproductive.

Consistent sleep deprivation can lead to dangerous drowsiness, fatigue and general crankiness. If our bodies are designed to sleep, then it follows that one way to reduce the stress in life, and eliminate the symptoms of stress, is to get enough sleep on a consistent basis.

So, if you want to find a sure fire way to eliminate stress, start with finding a way to insure that your body is getting the proper rest. Find the right method to put your body into a state of complete and total relaxation, and in the mode for sleep. Science has recently made some amazing breakthroughs in this area. In addition to non narcotic natural, herbal remedies, advanced relaxation techniques using ambient sound has been proven extremely effective.

What's the Number One Stress Related Symptom and Its Scientific Non-Narcotic Cure? by Jack Redbud

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