Tips for Personal Development – Develop Yourself With Easy-To-Follow-Tools

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Personal development is getting more popular.

We all need to develop our personality. We all seek to keep up with life’s tremendous changes.

Every day there is a new challenge. Every once-in-a while we encounter new situations. In our day-to-day-life, we deal with different people from different cultures, and this unique situation is having its toll on our personality. Sometimes, we don’t know how to deal with these new situations.

We tend to stop or become bewildered by the constant stream of new events.

Sometimes we deal with these events with aggression, trying to protect ourselves by being closed inside. Other times, we become too friendly. We end up being confused and emotionally exhausted.

This article is about how to develop a balanced personality. The tips are about how to maintain a healthy personality.

To develop our personality, we really need tools and techniques that enable us to function better, mentally and emotionally.

The values levels are changing all over the world.

New generation are adopting new values, and with these values, new lifestyles.

The question is: How can we keep up with these new societal & cultural changes?

How can we maintain a healthy personality?

You may feel content with your personality. You may think that you are doing OK. You have reasons to believe that your personality is balanced.

That is good. Nothing wrong with you.

But that is not enough.

You want to reach the next level.

You want to create a personality that is flexible enough to deal with all kinds of behavioral changes.

As our body grows and develops throughout the years, so does our personality.

The personality is never constant. It interacts with outside factors, and in the process it changes.

Change can be positive, and also negative.

The human personality is very vulnerable to outside influences.

For example, a Severe Emotional Experience (SEE) will definitely have its negative effects on any person.

Money has its personality effects as well. Receiving a lot of money within a short time will leave emotional pressure on the person.

The examples of personality pressures are too many to list here.

What we are interested here is how to develop our personality.

How to Achieve a Balanced Personality?

1-Flexibility of Behavior: A certain stimulus results in a specific behavior. Some persons are programmed to have rigid behaviors, behaviors that are automatic. This is very evident in anger response. Some people get angry easily and quickly. This is one example of rigid behavior.

Flexibility is becoming a necessity, especially in the face of constant changes of our world.

Flexibility of behavior can be practiced until it is acquired. It needs repetition so as to last. Unconscious programming is very effective to obtain flexibility of behavior.

2-Reflection: We need to spend some time every day so as to reflect. Reflection is also important for decision-making. Spend an average of 20-30 minutes/day to reflect and go through some of those daily events.

Reflection also replenishes part of your energy, especially mental energy.

3-Assertiveness: You don’t want a weak character. People have a tendency to take advantage of those who are seen as weak. You want to assert yourself, especially during negotiations. You need to insist on your values. Make that assertion loud and clear. Remember assertiveness is not aggression. You do not need to shout or swear at anybody so as to be heard.

Assertiveness is sometimes crucial for successful relationships.

4-Become More Social: If you are an introvert who likes to stay away from people, that is fine. However, Man is a social animal. We all have this need about human interaction. There is a strong need of talking and listening. It is about sharing your opinions, and more importantly, sharing your emotions. You can laugh by yourself, but laughing among a group has a different feeling. A balanced personality will need some humans to support it.

5-Anger Management: We all face some provocative situations and many frustrations. The accumulation of these disappointments can trigger anger among us. Anger is one the most serious negative emotions.

We have 54 types of negative emotions. Unreleased anger means it is stored in the body. Anger releases Cortisol, a harmful hormone that can create many health problems such as diabetes and high-blood pressure. Anger can block creativity and positive thinking. No one can maintain a healthy personality with a high level of anger. There are many techniques for anger management. Sports, martial arts, Qigong, yoga, & meditation are all helpful. However, the best tools are therapy tools such as NLP, Time Line, personal history and hypnosis.

6-High Self-Esteem: Self-esteem is synonymous with personal development. To live with low self-esteem is very hard emotionally. High self-esteem is a prerequisite for success. Many authors and experts wrote about the importance of high self-esteem.

7- Develop Your Positivity: Once you develop positive thinking, your personality begins to become more positive. You need daily dose of positivity. Positive thinking is about seeing the opportunity in every situation. It is about becoming positive in thinking and behavior.

There are many techniques for developing positivity.

One widely used technique is positive affirmations.

8- Learn About and Program the Core of Personality: You need to know the deep level of the personality, or what is called the core of personality. Explore the facts about inner personality and how it is developed and formed.

Different factors formulate different personalities, and almost all of these factors happen at childhood. Parents and social environment create the type of personality that you have now. Age between 0-7 years is the crucial personality age. Once you reach 7 years old, major components of your character have formed, and you grow with that personality, most likely for the rest of your life.

9- Avoid Self-Blame & Be Kind to Yourself: Negative self-talk like self-blame is very damaging to the personality. Even if you talk to yourself positively and even if you use positive affirmations, you may sometimes tend to blame yourself for bad behavior. You need to be kind to yourself and always treat yourself as a little brother. Do not take too big challenges. Avoid unnecessary big efforts.

10- Stress Management: Stress is spreading all over the world. Stress can be caused by many factors including work environment, relationships, money, and left-brain orientation.

Stress damages the energy of the person. Stress can also undermine the memory and mental energy.

Substantial research proves that stress is behind many physical diseases.

Stress can be managed by relaxation techniques. Yoga and meditation are very helpful.

11- Feed Your Emotions With Mental Nutrition: To maintain a healthy and balanced personality is like maintaining a healthy body. Your body needs healthy nutrition, and so does your personality.

What is the nutrition for your personality?

Mix up with positive people. Laugh once in a while. Have some entertainment. Do what you usually like to do whether it is a hobby or a good meal or walking in the garden or playing with your pet. Exercise and do physical activity. Go outdoor and enjoy nature.

However, most importantly is that you feed your personality with a continuous healthy nutrition: listen to audio files about personal development. Program yourself for a healthier character whether by self-hypnosis or meditation.

There are other important tools that I will explain in detail, in other articles. These include stronger energy/aura, overcoming depression and other tools.

Please follow me.

Tips for Personal Development – Develop Yourself With Easy-To-Follow-Tools by Malek Moqaddam

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