The Physical & Psychological Impact of Chronic Stress

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True stress management means being able to deal with stressful events without being “stressed-out.” Not all stress is bad – many of us would say we “work well under pressure.” But when the stress is too intense, or when it’s the wrong type of stress, we get diminishing returns and productivity suffers. If we aren’t careful to manage our internal reactions to external stresses, the impact of stress will build up, and sooner or later, we experience the negative effects of chronic stress. Physical ailments like insomnia, ulcer, backache, hypertension – these are all real, organic illnesses that may have a variety of causes, but have been proven as well to be a direct result of chronic stress. In addition to physical maladies, however, chronic stress has also been pinpointed as a cause of a wide variety of psychological impairments, too: depression, avoidance, addiction, relationship problems, and so on. Chronic stress can be a self-sustaining machine, that can cause a person to view everything that comes through the lens of negativity; it can easily become a trap that can seriously damage your health.

chronic stress

Source: The Physical & Psychological Impact of Chronic Stress

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