Stress Relief Relaxation Techniques – Breathing
Stress Relief Relaxation Techniques – Breathing – By Chloe Brotheridge Hypnotherapist in London.
How to reduced stress, with these stress and anxiety, stress relief techniques.
These breathing techniques are brilliant stress relievers and are a great way to relieve stress.

Breathe in deeply through the nose and out through the mouth

abdominal breathing – diaphragmatic breathing – into belly for count of 5 then out for count of 7. this ration activates the parasympathetic nervous system the ‘rest and digest mode of the body which is the opposite of fights or flight.

Imagine air moving to different parts of the body as you breathe in or imagine breathing in a relaxing colour.

Just taking some time to focus on your breathing when your feeling stressed out can really help. you could also try mindfulness meditation which is based on watching your breath – either the rise and fall of your belly or the feeling of the air on the tip of your nostrils as it goes in and out. its very effective for helping to keep you in the present moment.

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Stress Relief Relaxation Techniques

Source: Stress Relief Relaxation Techniques – Breathing

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