St John's Wort – Can Help Ease Anxiety, Depression and Get Your Weight Loss Back on Track

A successful weight loss plan can change a life. The proper nutrition, foods, exercise, goal setting and motivation are all important in achieving a weight loss goal. A component that is often left out of many fad diets is the emotional aspect of weight loss. For many, the root cause of poor health, habits and weight gain lies in the emotional realm. Depression, anxiety and stress often play the role of weight loss and health destroyer. Mild depression, anxiety and emotional stress will drive poor eating habits, deplete the body of much needed vitamins and nutrients and send the adrenal glands into overdrive (this causes an overproduction of cortisol which leads to "metabolic syndrome") Unfortunately, in many cases even the best weight loss shakes and herbs are not successful until the emotional issues are addressed. What can be even more discouraging, many of us get our weight loss plan off to a great start. Then, unfortunately, life may throw us a curve ball. Depression, anxiety and stress can become part of our lives at anytime. Thankfully, there is a safe, easy and effective holistic solution!

St.John's Wort to the rescue!

St. John's Wort (hypercium perfortatum) has been used for centuries to treat quiet and calm the nervous system. Its uses date back to the ancient Greeks. Today it is commonly used to lessen the effects of mild to moderate depression and anxiety. Many studies are underway and look very promising in using St. John's Wort instead of pharmacological agents for early and initial intervention with depression and anxiety. St. John's Wort has minimal side effects. Those taking this herb may experience sensitivity to ultraviolet radiation so, overexposure to sunlight is not recommended. (Those also taking other medications to treat depression or any other psychological disorders should consult their doctor prior to taking this herb.- St. John's Wort may lessen the effect of other anti psychotic medications. This is the only known drug interaction for St. John's Wort) St. John's Wort is fast acting and does not require a loading dose or several days to build up in your body. In many case, you will experience the effects in a rather short period of time and may in some cases be advised to use St. John's Wort on an as needed basis. Do not let anxiety or depression derail your weight loss plan – St. John's Wort can help. Consult your holistic medical practitioner for additional information and proper usage of St.John's Wort. As with any herb, it is vital to use a product that is pure, non-contaminated and in the proper dosage.

Visit my website to learn more about and purchase St.John's Wort. As with any other herb, using a product that is pure, uncontaminated and delivers an effective dose is essential.

St John's Wort – Can Help Ease Anxiety, Depression and Get Your Weight Loss Back on Track by Christa Krzeminski

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