Qigong Exercises for Stress Management, Health, and a Balanced Life

163 photos and step-by-step instruction in Qigong (also spelled “Chi Kung”), an ancient form of meditation that can help you manage stress and find your center in an unbalanced world. There is nothing mystical about qigong, despite the supernatural image that it has been given throughout the years. It does not require an understanding or a belief of Traditional Chinese Medicine, accupuncture theory, or Eastern philosophy. Author Ken Gullette has practiced the simple exercises in this book for 26 years and has taught them to students ranging from judges and doctors to cancer patients and the elderly. The photos and instruction guide you through three 5-minute routines, two 10-minute routines, plus ancient qigong gems including The Eight Pieces of Brocade, the Yi Jing Ching Palm Set, the Yi Jing Ching Fist Set, and the Yi Jing Ching Moving Set. Qigong helps you calm your mind, calm your body, detach the mind from daily problems, and dissolve stress. Medical research shows that stress is a killer. It creates a lot of health problems. Making qigong a part of your life helps you ride the ups and downs of life and dissolve away tension. It will have a positive impact on many aspects of your life — relationships, work, even driving on the highway. In just five minutes a day, you can learn to find and maintain your center with the exercises in this book.

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Source: Qigong Exercises for Stress Management, Health, and a Balanced Life

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