Qi Gong

40 minutes of Qi Gong video :
– breathing
Learn abdominal Breathing, the basic breath of Qi Gong.
– postures
Optimize the effects of Qi Gong. We show you why it is essential that the body is properly positioned.
– the Ba Duan Jin :
The sequence starts with a basic standing posture, feet together, normal breathing.
You can choose between a traditional approach and a more detailed western approach.
In the western approach, each movement is accompanied by detailed comments. Our coach trained in China will explain every detail of the sequence. In the traditional approach, you will be able to reproduce each movements by looking at the master and mimicking his positions and movements.
– the Ba Duan Jin complete sequence: 10 minutes (Traditional approach)
– the detailed course part 1 to 4: 8 minutes (Western approach)
– the detailed course part 5 to 8: 8 minutes (Western approach)

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Source: Qi Gong

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