Poems to Relieve Stress

Poems can be used to relieve stress and be balanced with your mind, body, and spirit. Stress can be detrimental to your health and cause physical and mental problems for anyone who has too much of it. These problems can lead to further issues such as depression, anxiety, lower immune system, heart disease, high blood pressure, and more … if left untreated. Stress has long been the cause of many issues in not having a healthy body or balanced of life. Having a healthy mind, body, and spirit are critical to being well balanced and happy.

The good news is that stress can be reduced by some simple steps such as actively finding outlets to express yourself that are relaxing. One outlet can be reading or even writing poetry. Poems are great sources of expressing yourself and an outlet for your emotions from the past, present, and even how you would like to feel in the future.

Some people think that poems can be hard to write or even read but the truth is that poems are really fun and enjoyable. People can interpret poems in different ways and no way is really wrong. Consider a song and how two different people can hear the same song and feel completely different when hearing it. The author of the song may have had an intention of the message they wanted to get across but the main point is that:

1. It was an outlet for them to express themselves.

2. It is a means for someone other than them to feel something … and they know that feeling can range depending on the person hearing it since we are all different people.

Do not over think poetry. Just enjoy it for what it is. Have fun, relax, and let your mind wander and your heart feel light. Poetry is one of the best ways to remove stress from your life and make you a more balanced, happier, and healthier you! To get you started with relieving stress right away, I am sharing with one of my poems called – What would you be ?. So, Relax & Enjoy!

What would you be?
Was a question asked last night
Hmm, why not the WIND?
I replied, then set my sights …

Travel, go places, be absolutely everywhere
Over here, up there, virtually anywhere

Glide, soar, move with a peaceful grace
Break boundaries, pass limits, explore a new place

Unlimited energy, strength, a natural power source
Resourceful, tap into me, that's why I'm here of course

New directions, change my path, and maybe change yours too
This way, that way, change often I could do

Be a gentle breeze, soft wisp, you would think you were alone
Or loud gust, spread fire, make my presence known

Be invisible with no face, shape, nor body
Or show myself, big tornado, relentlessly mighty

Be swift, many miles per hour, win every race
Or slow, consistently steady, decide my own pace

Be faster, go further, push to be greater
Or lift spirits, carry weight, which will help others

Witness birthdays, a quick gust, I'll blow out every candle
Through the years, give support, if more than you can handle

Reach up, feel me, I'm there with everyone
Always around, surrounding you, and forever with my son

List ongoing, many benefits, do all of these things
And by the way, more important, … the wind beneath your wings

Emmily Leavy

Poems to Relieve Stress by Emmily Leavy

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