Identifying The Sources Of Family Stress

Identifying the specific sources of stress is the first step in finding the right strategies and implementing your plan to deal with family stress. Watch this short interview to get you started in identifying your main sources of family stress.

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Transcription – selected clips:
0:15 In general, physical illness, pain, and even the common cold and flu can turn a whole family right out of flux.

0:42 Another aspect is the way that we are organized. Are we organized? Do we know where things are? Do we have a regular schedule?

0:56 Do we deal with conflict right away? Or do we keep it on the back burner, letting it boil and boil and boil until all of a sudden, we have these explosions within the family?

1:19 When we have a big support circle, then that helps to decrease the stress the family’s feeling.

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Source: Identifying The Sources Of Family Stress

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