Fatigue & Stress Relief Tips: You Asked For It

[00:28] Question 1: I get stressed out at the office. Are there any exercises to relieve some of the tension? (Pete- YouCube)
[02:11] Question 2: How can I balance student life with a healthy lifestyle? (Dr. Frank Lipman- Reserve Channel)
[03:29] Episode Roundup/Summary
Fatigue & Stress Relief Tips: You Asked For It- In this episode of “You Asked For It”, YouCube’s Leading Man and “Offercises” Creator, Pete answers your questions regarding battling stress at the office. Learn a few simple things that you can do to prevent headaches and stay relaxed at work such as bringing nature to your desk , focusing on breathing, and resting your eyes. Next, “You Asked For It” Host, Melena Scantlin checks in with Functional Medicine Expert and Health & Wellness Author, Dr. Frank Lipman from the Reserve Channel on some effective ways that you can lead a healthy lifestyle as a student. Dr. Lipman recommends starting your day with a protein shake that is high in good fats, such as berries and almond butter, or arranging your sleep schedule so that you go to bed and wake up at consistent times every day. See if you can enhance your work or academic experience with this helpful advice from the experts that will leave you feeling your best both mentally and physically. Tune in every Thursday for new episodes where you can get helpful advice and find the answers you are looking for. Don’t forget that you might get your questions answered too, by posting them in the comments below the weekly “”You Asked For It”” videos. For more “”You Asked For It”” episodes, click here: http://bit.ly/Mk2Hci

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Source: Fatigue & Stress Relief Tips: You Asked For It

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