Dealing with Stress – The Owner’s Manual of Adulthood – Life skills for College Students

Here is another fun little series of life skills videos produced by RocketSpots, an Emmy and Telly Award winning video production company located in Chico, California. This one was for the the Department of Housing and Food at the University of Texas at Austin.

We were tasked with making a series of informational videos for incoming freshman to help them with life skills they may not have fully managed by the time they arrived on campus.

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Here is the original description of the videos for UT’s DHFS:

We know going away to college can be a challenging time of growth for incoming students. That’s why the Department of Housing and Food Service here at University of Texas at Austin ( in association with the UT Residence Hall Association ( has developed THE OWNER’S MANUAL OF ADULTHOOD.

The MANUAL is a collection of unique, informative videos with life skills and advice for students moving into the larger adult world while spending time with us at UofT at Austin.

This video covers a basic skill everyone needs: Dealing with Stress.

The style of these videos is intentionally… We believe there’s no reason good information has to be boring. So enjoy… and when you’re done, you’ll know how do to your laundry. Congrats!

For the rest of the series, click on our channel and check them out.
Here are the links shown in the video for you to check out:
Counseling and Mental Health Center (CMHC) –
CMHC MindBody lab –
24-hour Confidential Telephone Counseling — 512-471-CALL (2255)
Sanger Learning & Career Center (for info on/assistance with time management,
prioritizing, & study skills) —
Stress Recess website –

Accessible Accommodations
In Andrews, Blanton, Carothers, Duren, Jester, Kinsolving, San Jacinto, and Whitis Court, some rooms and bathrooms are modified to accommodate students with disabilities. If you have special needs for certain accommodations (i.e., visual or audible alarm, roll-in shower, etc.), please indicate this information in the space provided on your housing application. You must inform us of any special needs when you apply for housing. For information about campus and classroom accessibility and other services for students with special needs, contact the Services for Students with Disabilities ( at (512) 471-6259, Video Phone (VP) (866) 327-8877 then (512) 232-2937.

This video was produced by, an Emmy-and-Telly-Award winning video production company in Chico, California.

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Source: Dealing with Stress – The Owner’s Manual of Adulthood – Life skills for College Students

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