Can Casual Sex on Campus Improve Test Scores?

College students around the globe enter universities with high hopes of new life experiences, casual sex, new relationships, parties, and a little bit of education thrown in for good measure. Sure, we tell parents and mentors that we are in it for some serious study, but come on…really? What we really hope for is an open field of no strings attached and casual relationships.

Heading off to college means that not only are your life goals of career and becoming an adult about to begin, but also that you are welcomed into the arms of sexual experiences. Those college students who can effectively manage both sides of the college experience are most likely to excel in their studies, as well as in their sexual relationships.

Think about it. If you spend all your time cramming for tests, studying in the library, attending tutoring sessions, and engaging in serious discussion you can get pretty stressed out. Some would call this focus; however, take a clue from anybody experiencing the signs of anxiety – insomnia, skin eruptions, nervousness, overeating, under eating, uncontrolled crying, excessive sweating, and frequent trips to the restroom – and you can call it stress.

In my mind, the best way to reduce stress is to engage in some physical activity. The physical activity of choice for many is casual sex on campus. This relieves some of the pressure, physically, and allows your brain to have better recall for those serious studies that you told your parents about. Also, because of the no strings attached arrangement, you are relieved of the emotional pressures that come with being in a committed relationship.

Who wants to worry about whether or not they called their mate back in the proper amount of time as deemed by some unwritten and foggy social standard when there is a physics test glaring at you at 6am in the morning?

The brain is a very fascinating organ. In fact, your body is full of fascinating organs. It’s your job to be sure that they are all working together to guarantee you some success in your studies. Get your libido in sync with your brain by engaging in some casual sex on campus and you just may find yourself at the top of the class. However, be sure to expand your horizons and consider other potential casual hookups in the bigger world, the world of adult online dating.

Can Casual Sex on Campus Improve Test Scores? by Lisa Devine

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