You Deserve To Be Happy… Get Help If You Need It! Anxiety and Depression

Dealing with Depression:
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Just felt compelled to post this message. You deserve to be happy but sometimes we need a little help in-order to get there.

The more Alpha talks about lifestyle and self-help stuff, he opens a can of worms. He gets a ton of emails from viewers are having a tough time with life- everything from motivation to social anxiety to feelings of worthlessness. Because of these emails, Aaron Marino of alpha m. wants to discuss mental illness. As a disclaimer, he is not an expert about mental illness or anything related to mental illness. He is not qualified to help.
Does Alpha have advice? Yes. GET HELP. You do not need to feel like this and you do not supposed to feel like this. Help and treatment are out there — and the hardest step is the first step. The two-pronged approach is talking to a therapist and getting medications.

You Deserve to be Happy

1. Anxiety and depression are serious medical issues. You need to get help so you can get the tools to overcome the illness.

2. Medication is great but therapy (to get deeper into the ‘whys’) is a key component to getting better and feeling better about yourself.

3. Good therapists versus bad therapists – you may have to try a few to find the optimal one.

4.All medications were not created equally – you may try something and it may not be right for you. There are other ones out there.

5. The most difficult step is the hardest one – we are taught to be self sufficient and sometimes we are made to feel that there is ‘something wrong with you’. The best thing you can do is to seek help.

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